There's a reason I'm known in the pack as the untouchable omega—the longest-standing unmated omega, the only one in our pack's history to be in their fourth year of the annual chase. The only omega who hasn't been caught during the hunt.Nobody knows I have an ace up my sleeve, a secret place I go to during each year's mating ritual. However, this place is forbidden; it's on enemy land. Despite my father's warning to never step on Blackclaw territory, I don't heed his words.Little did I know that someone knew about my hideout: a big, bad wolf who had been watching me, hiding behind the bushes, observing my every move.
A dangerous wolf who wants to claim me and make me his mate, and for some reason, he makes my wolf react so… shamelessly.
This novella is a steamy MM Shifter Omegaverse. Expect a rebellious omega and a powerful alpha who is unable to resist his charm.

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